Qianshao Bay

Qianshao Bay located in Chongming Island, in Shanghai, is a platform for contemporary culture in collaboration with the natural ecosystem. Qianshao Bay Project covers the entire Qianshao village in the north-central part of the island. It is composed of contemporary art, earth landscapes, creative cultural incubation program, artist-in-residence program, it also includes the Qianshao Contemporary Art Center, common spaces for creation, art bed and breakfeast, restaurant and cafe, and art educational program for children, etc.
  The concept of the Qianshao Bay proposes a partnership between man and nature. In the design project of Qianshao Bay brand identity and way finding system, we actively adopt more modern visual language and use more artificial materials. Also by utilising lightboxes for way finding system in the open. We hope to express the cooperative relationship between man and nature, while at the same time enhance the use experience of the way finding system in the natural environment.

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Chongming Culture and Tourism Bureau
MadeIn Company

Creative Director

He Rongkai

Project Manager

Zhuang Lichen


Chen Yunzhu
Chen Yan

Design Assistant