Asia as Fiction

In the Asia as Fiction poster exhibition curated by Mr. Tetsuya Goto, we were invited to design a poster for the shop of Japanese illustrator duo Tada Reiko & Murgraph. The visual language of the work originates from the posters downstairs of the designer’s apartment in Shanghai. Although China, Japan and Korea share parts of cultural heritage, our contemporary visual landscape is rather different. We hope to take this exhibition as an opportunity to communicate from the actual environment we live in.
  Asia as Fiction is a series of poster exhibitions featuring works of young designers from Hong Kong, Osaka, Shanghai, Seoul and Taipei. Designers were invited to create posters for bookstores and restaurants presenting at Kitakaga Flea & Asia Book Market which they've never been to.

Image courtesy Mr. Tetsuya Goto (IG: @teysuya_goto)

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He Rongkai