In 2018 our Weibo account was “like-robbed”. So called “like-robbing” means that although we didn’t press the “like” button, our account liked advertisement posts from various marketing accounts. We gathered these content and made them into T-shirts and a catalogue.
  In the 3 x 3 picture grid of Weibo, no matter what the content is, every image has only about 2 x 2 cm in area, literally the size of a thumb nail. In this area the images packed ridiculous information density. They shouted “Look at me!”, expecting to catch your attention in a split of second when you swiped across the screen. But with more and more pictures the odds of these ads being actually viewed are slim. Such a huge pressure of competition has forced them to become “robbers” and they will not hesitate to snatch our identity to increase their chances of being seen. So we made them into T-shirts. It is quite pitiful to seeing them so eagerly trying to become us, we might as well fufill them.

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He Rongkai


Sun Yufei
Yu Huiyang