Gothe Institute TYPO 6

The year 2019 marks the 25th anniversary of Beijing and Berlin’s sister city ties. On this occasion the Goethe Institute invited six designers and artists from China and Germany to communicate and create. “The famous walls of the two cities have become history, but the visible and invisible walls that still exist today separate us from others.” TYPO 6 explores the idea of the “wall” in the form of visual communication, and explores the idea of originality through collaborative and interactive practice.
  In the event, the first author will make a piece of work based on the Chinese character “墙” and the German word “mauer”, and then send the work to the second author for modification and creation. The subsequent authors will also create their work based on the previous author’s works in this way. Our creative director He Rongkai participated in the event as the fifth author. You can learn more about TYPO 6 through the link below.

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